Upping your character game

1,800.00 kr

Kursledare: Joleen Ballendine
Förkunskap: minst 3 terminer i improvisationsteater
Schema: Söndag 10.00 - 16.00
Datum: 5/5
Max antal deltagare: 12
Antal tillfällen: 1
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Expand your improv repertoire by adding new characters to your work. Characters help us play with infinite points of view and heighten our engagement with the audience. Nothing beats that moment when the dialogue becomes easy and the character seems to take on a life of their own. Through physicality, emotion, status and play Joleen will help you unleash a whole new collection of fun and fresh characters to add to your improv cannon. Please bring clothing and footwear you could move around comfortably in.

Kursledare: Joleen has been improvising with Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre since 2007. She is the Associate Director of Education and is a senior player performing weekly in Theatresports, Maestro and CHiMPROV (Rapid Fire’s long form show). Some of her notable improv troupes include DotDotDot, Rå Power, and Z-Said. She is also the creator and lead instructor for the At-Risk-Youth Project, and recently started an improv program for kids called The Kidprovisors. Teaching and performing has made a traveler of Joleen. She has been all over Canada, The US, and Europe. Recent trips include Toronto, Vancouver, Arizona, New York, Berlin, Würzburg, Munich, Vienna, Ljubljana, Zurich, and Oslo. When Joleen is not improvising, she writes for, and stars in Edmonton’s award-winning sketch television program Caution: May Contain Nuts, which airs on the Canadian network APTN. Joleen draws inspiration from Rock n’ Roll, dogs and high kicks, so watch out!