Stockholm Fringe – “Mic Drop Your Life” (english show)

100.00 kr

Datum: 2022-09-17
Tid: 18:00 - 20:00
Plats: PIK Presens Impro Källare Vasastan
Vägbeskrivning: Hagagatan 48 T-bana Odenplan

Mic Drop Your Life is an improvised hip-hop musical.
But this Fringe edition is something out of the ordinary! Presens is usually hosted by a celebrity, but this time it could be you who gets to see your life as a musical! You can choose to write your name in the entrance and hope for the best!

This performance is completely improvised, meaning that the improv comedians do not have a script or prepare the plot before the show.

With interaction, cleverness and wit, you get to see sketches and musical numbers similar to Saturday night live or Monthy Python, completely made up on the spot. The people on stage are primarily comedians and not professional rappers, resulting in an entertaining improvised musical without pretensions.

19.00 FALLEN SUNDAYS (denmark)
Coming from our neighbor country Denmark! This show is inspired by a single audience suggestion, where the audience is asked to give a suggestion of a title of a musical that has never been done or seen before.


Tid: 18.00
Pris: 150 kr

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