ALF – English

4,550.00 kr

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Kursledare: Erik Broström
Schema: Tuesdays 18.15 - 20.45
Datum: September 3 - December 3 (no class October 29)
Max antal deltagare: 10 class members
Antal tillfällen: 13 sessions
Uppspel: Two performances at PIK: November 30 & December 14

A class for those who have no, or little, experience with ”ALF” and want to discover a new way to collaborate on stage. ”ALF” is an acronym for american long form.
The focus in this class is about finding what is funny in a scene and, as a group, work to enhance the comedy. As a participant in an ALF class you are constantly
up and working on the ”stage floor”.
During this class you will receive personal feedback and actual tools in creating comedy on the spot.

Kursledare: Erik Broström is one of the founders of Presens with a long carrier as an improviser and improv teacher. He has experience in teaching and performing in both swedish and english, and one of the few in sweden who teaches the format ALF.

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