Improv comedy level 1 English

2,700.00 kr

Kursledare: Michael Rendell
Förkunskap: No previous experience
Schema: Tuesdays 18.00- 20.00
Datum: 6 september - 8 november
Max antal deltagare: 14
Antal tillfällen: 10
Uppspel: One class show at PIK

Level 1 is a class for everyone who wants to learn improv comedy and no previous experience is required. In this class we teach all basics needed to be able to play improvised comedy.

The focus in this class is to establish a base reality for the scene early on, so that we can later find what is funny about the scene, the “first unusual thing”. We work wth creating characters, to hold a monologue and to draw premises from these monologues and play them. We train the basic skills in improv such as listening, accepting suggestions and adding new information to the scene.

In the end of the semester there is a class show on our theatre PIK where the class will show what they have learned in front of an audience.

Kursledare: Michael är en av Presens mest välutbildade kursledare i den bemärkelsen att han, förutom att ha gått igenom Presens egna kurssystem, gått igenom 4 terminer på UCB (som Presens hämtat mycket inspiration av i sin pedagogik och spelstil). Utöver det har han även botaniserat i deras sketch-kurser och han är humornörd. En kursledare i vår smak helt enkelt!

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