English night! Presens Impro and guests: Paul Rabenowitz & International Theater Stockholm

150.00 kr

Datum: 2022-05-21
Tid: 19:00 - 21:00
Plats: PIK Presens Impro Källare Midsommarkransen
Vägbeskrivning: Tegelbruksvägen 28 | T-bana Midsommarkransen

Welcome to a night of Improv Comedy in English with Presens ensemble and guests Paul Rabenowitz & International Theater Stockholm!

Paul Rabenowitz is an improviser who runs The Assembly in South Africa. The theatre describes themselves as “a global network that began in Toronto and is now in Mexico, Amsterdam and South Africa. The Assembly is an artist-run company dedicated to making good improv and great improvisers. The scenes are created, on the spot, from a story or suggestion that explores relationships, characters or situations.
We do this using the philosophy of Game of The Scene – finding and exploring something funny, weird, unusual or interesting in the scene, then exploring and heightening it until the scene ends.” Upon reading this there was no doubt, we had to invite Paul to play with us during his scandinavian tour.

Presens ensemble and Paul will perform together in one of the night acts!

International Theatre Stockholm will play their show “Law and disorder”. Law & Disorder is an improvised court room drama taking place somewhere in the United States. In this show the audience is the jury. Not only will your suggestions inspire the show, at the end you must render a verdict!

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