Chasing Joy

1,800.00 kr

Kursledare: Amy Shostak
Förkunskap: minst 3 terminer i improvisationsteater
Schema: Lördag 10.00 - 16.00
Datum: 4/5
Max antal deltagare: 12
Antal tillfällen: 1
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The most watchable improvisors bring an underlying joy to their work on stage. In this workshop, Amy Shostak of the duo Rå Power will share with you the spirit of their troupe: making the most out of every second on stage, and chasing what brings you joy. We will explore techniques that allow performers to find their version of playfulness, bring it to the surface, and share it with the audience. Improv CAN be as fun as it looks!
Workshop note: please wear movement clothes you are comfortable rolling around in.

Kursledare: Amy is an improvisor and creator living in Vancouver, Canada. She started improvising with Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre in 2002, and she served as the company’s Artistic Director for six years. In 2015, she was honoured with an Excellence in Artistic Direction Award from the Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts in Edmonton. Amy now spends her time in Vancouver, teaching improvisation with Blind Tiger Comedy, and is the festival director of The Vancouver International Improv Festival. She is passionate about creating safe and healthy improv communities, and has organized several dialogues and panels while in Vancouver. Amy is also keen on making improvisation more spontaneous, and telling stories that impact an audience. This fall, she is embarking on a development project to create new work with an ensemble of improvisors called Brio. Improv has taken Amy many places. She is so pleased to have been able to perform at Monkeyfest in Bogota, Improvention in Canberra, The Lost in Translation Festival in Milan, The Sweden International Improv Festival, and The Wurzburger Impro Festival. She loves heavy metal, and nachos.