ALF – English, Harold (discount)

2,300.00 kr

( 2 platser kvar )
Kursledare: Michael Lindahl
Schema: Tuesdays 19.30 - 21.30
Datum: 22 September - 24 November
Antal tillfällen: 10 sessions

We offer classes for everyone who wants to learn improv comedy in english! The classes follow the same curriculum as the classes thought in swedish and focus on “game of the scene” based sketch improv.

Kursledare: Mikael Lindahl is a member of Presens ensemble and performs regularly at Presens Improkällare. He has also studied under Ben Rameaka, Micheal Hartney och Doug Moe (UCBT), Philip Markle (BCC), Tim Soszko (Second City) och Armando Diaz (The Magnet). Previous students of Michael has described him as a teacher “who creates great energy and structure in his class. He makes everyone in the group feel safe and heard.”

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