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IMPROBOTICS – July 13th & 15th

Welcome to the future and join us for an improvised comedy Turing test!

“Improv is a feat no robot could ever reproduce”. Or can it? Find out in this show!

At Improbotics AB, we build bioengineered Cyborgs: machines who are indistinguishable from humans, but whose words and thoughts are controlled by an artificial intelligence. This is a revolutionary entertainment machine who can disappear into a crowd of human performers. We are so confident in its skills that we will not reveal its identity: instead, we will let it take a Turing test and make you guess which one of the improvisers is a Cyborg. To make the challenge more interesting, one or more of the human improvisers, the Puppet, will also be remotely controlled… by another human. Neither the Puppet, nor the Cyborg, will know who is human after all. Come laugh with the machine as you attempt to solve the deception!

A show conceived by the award-winning collective HumanMachine (Piotr Mirowski and Kory Mathewson), creators of Artificial Intelligence Improvisation and of Long-Distance Relationship (transatlantic improv shows). Directed by Jenny Elfving.
The show is played in English.

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Plats: Presens Improkällare, Tegelbruksvägen 28
Pris: 100 kr
Tid: 19.00