American Long Form

This is a class for you who already have some experience of improv but still have not tried ALF, which stands for American Longform.

The focus of American Longform is mainly comedy and non-narrative improv. The style is all about finding the funny in the scenes, as well as working together as an ensebmle to hightening the comedic material. It has a lot of similarities to comedic sketch, which is kind of its improvised sibling.

In this class, you will learn to initiate fun premesis, how to riff on comeidc ideas, how find the funny in the scenes, how to hightening the humor, and how to work as an ensemble.

You will also get plenty of stage time and a lot of personal feedback.

The main tools and concepts are:

Yes, And
How to create a clear scenic context and use premises
To find the funny
To create specific characters
Different helpfull tecniques as Tag Out, Sweep Edit and Cut to

You will have two shows at PIK at the end of the term

maximum amounts of students in this class: 10 people

If you cancel your booking less than two weeks before the class begins you will have to pay the full amount of the class without a medical certificate.